The American Langshan Club
The Original Since 1887

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Note: Only current members of the American Langshan Club will be eligible for club awards, points and prizes.

District 1 Meets


District 2 Meets


District 3 Meets

Coulee Region Poultry Club

June 6, 2020

WI State Meet

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District 4 Meets

Heart of the Ozarks Poultry Club Fall Show

November 7-8, 2020

2020 National Meet

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District 5 Meets

Moon City Poultry Club Show
May 9-10, 2020
Regional Meet

District 6 Meets

Anderson All Breed Bantam Club

Feb 29, 2020

SC State Meet

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Dixie Classic Spring Show

April 11, 2020

TN State Meet

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Green River Poultry Club

April 18, 2020

KY State Meet

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Kentucky State Fair

Aug 20-23, 2020

KY Special Meet

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Appalachian Classic

Nov 21, 2020

District 6 Meet

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    District 7 Meets


If you are in need of points      forms, please click here or email.